I am happy that our paths cross here.

At an early age, I became interested in natural ways to heal the body. As a result I began researching herbal plants, and was captivated by their healing properties. The human body, how it works and the different ways to bring it back into balance, fascinated me and still does today.

I spent most of my twenties and early thirties in training, reading books and attending workshops to gain deeper knowledge.

Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Germany, my home country, one must study naturopathy before practicing Chinese medicine and be at least 25 years old to be allowed to sit for the naturopathy exam. Finally, after an intensive study of 3 years, I achieved my status as a state-approved naturopath.

Consequently, the studies of acupuncture and nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine followed. Today I practice an integrative and holistic form of medicine.

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Craniosacral Therapy

I offer sessions of Craniosacral Therapy, a form of bodywork which uses gentle pressure in the bones of the head, sacrum and spinal column. This releases tensions deep in the system and as a result, improves health.

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Bach Flower remedies

In Bach Flower remedy consultations I provide a smooth and effective natural healing for your personality, mood and emotional outlook. Bach Flowers often accompany Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy treatments.

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Yoga Therapy

With over 300 hours of yoga training, I teach a mindful, therapeutic and precise style of yoga. I offer constant alignment with the possibility to improve and deepen the yoga practice. My teaching is influenced by my study of different styles of yoga, and a profound understanding of the energetic system as described by Traditional Chinese Medicine. I teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Pre- and Postnatal Yoga.

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    I offer private sessions, group classes, workshops and retreats; locally, abroad, and online.

    Today I like myself and love what I am doing – but this looked very differently when I was younger.

    For a long time I struggled with phases of depression, panic attacks and digestion problems. I often experienced periods of deep unbalance and unhappiness and was unable to understand what was happening with me. I started reading self-help books and seeing different therapists. Many people helped me in my healing process and it took many years of changes in my way of thinking, eating and leading my life that finally healed me. Some of the answers and insights I received, transformed my life and led to profound changes.

    My deepest passion is to help people on their healing journey. Some of my clients return after addressing their initial health problem for follow-up consultations to maintain and improve their health consistently.


    I also support the social project AHM Trust in South India where I worked in 2015. A centre that provides free healthcare in their clinic for approx. 100 people daily. They also run a foster and elderly home, and support women empowerment projects.

    I was touched by the love and compassion upon which the project is run and therefore I continue to support them financially.

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    My professional trainings

    Please see for further details my linkedin account.

    State-Approved Naturopath (degree from Germany)

    Certified and trained in

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Foot reflexology
    • Several massage treatments
    • Bach Flowers
    • Yoga
    • Meditation

    Some institutes and teachers I have practiced and worked with