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Thrive Podcast

Discover the THRIVE Podcast

Carina combines Ayurveda with Eastern psychology, spirituality and habit evolution science. 

Learn to make practical and simple changes to maintain hormonal balance and to prevent dis-ease.

Lead a dynamic, rich and purposeful life in flow.

Come invited. Leave ignited. 

gut health course

Free 7-Day Ayurveda Metabolism Course

In Ayurveda, a healthy gut with a functioning digestion (metabolism in the intestines and in each cell = Agni) is not only essential for our overall well-being.

But also for the energy balance, the supply of nutrients and a restorative sleep and is therefore essential for disease prevention and hormonal balance.

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Join an amazing group of women in my online group program to heal your hormonal problems naturally.

dosha quiz

Take the Dosha Quiz

Empower yourself – discover your Ayurvedic body type.

In Ayurveda we distinguish between three main body/constitution types, also called doshas. The three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha determine the individual constitution of every human being.


Discover Ayurveda secrets on how to heal your hormones naturally with modern Ayurveda and naturopathy. Start applying simple changes to your daily with a huge impact.

High Sensitivity: How Ayurveda can gently help you

High Sensitivity: How Ayurveda can gently help you

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): What is behind it? Are you just sensitive or highly sensitive? Do you perceive sensory stimuli and emotions much more than others? Do you experience your environment as too loud, too bright, too hectic, too many impressions and too...

Ayurveda: What’s Your Digestive Type? Get Your Agni Balanced.

Ayurveda: What’s Your Digestive Type? Get Your Agni Balanced.

The Power of Digestion in Ayurveda Ayurveda's aim is to have a long, happy and healthy life. The key to it is our metabolism, as all diseases have its origin in an imbalanced metabolism. The metabolism is therefore the central point we need to take care of if we want...

Improve your sleep with Ayurveda

Improve your sleep with Ayurveda

Why sleep is so important Sleep plays a very important role in our health along with eating healthy and exercising regularly. It influences very much how emotionally stable, mentally clear and physically fit we are. A good night's sleep gives our body the possibility...

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