7-Day Metabolism Booster Course

In Ayurveda, the metabolism or the digestive fire is very important. The decisive factor is not what you eat, but what you metabolise and that is different for every person.

Therefore, we need to learn to eat in harmony with our unique body constitution. A healthy metabolism is the key to a healthy life. Only then we can enjoy a strong immune system, greater energy, clarity of mind, and generally good health.

Ayurvedic metabolic treatments are therefore individually tailored to each person and are different. However, there are some basic recommendations that apply to everyone and are easy to implement in our daily life.

Tune your digestive fire. Heal your metabolism. Improve your immune system and sleep better – make your life easier, and more joyful.

Fast Metabolism – Rev it Up with Ayurveda




… how to bring your metabolism into balance in a short time.

… to strengthen your immune system, which is according to Ayurveda a functioning metabolism.

… how you can find better sleep with small changes in everyday life and wake up refreshed in the morning.

… what you can do to lose weight and to keep it off.

… wisdom about your unique Ayurvedic body type constitution.


Email + Videos: You get an email from me every day with a video in which I present you the tip of the day.

Content: I explain exactly what you need to do and why. This way you understand what it’s all about and that makes it easier for you to implement the changes.

Do you have friends or family members that could need a body upgrade?

Invite them for the course, they will enjoy it!

carina greweling naturopath paris

Hi, I am Carina.

I’m a mom, yogi, Eastern medicine lover, traveller, lifelong learner and discoverer.

I’m looking forward to guide you through the basic principles of Ayurveda for a fast metabolism.

Discover as well my online group program HORMONE THRIVE  that takes place twice a year and has already helped many other women to finally balance their hormones naturally.


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