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What happens on the call?
It’s a very relaxed conversation to find out where you are right now, where you want to get to, and what’s stopping you getting there.

After that, if we feel like we’re both a good fit, we can discuss options about joining the Hormone Thrive program.

If not, there will be no hard feelings – the program isn’t for everyone.

To be absolutely clear, this is not a coaching call. Although whether you join the program or not, you will receive a tonne of free value.

How long does the call take?
Approximately 45 – 60 minutes.
Why do we need to have a call first?

We’re very protective of our program and our clients.

We don’t just accept anyone.

Therefore we like to speak to each and every potential woman who is interested in the program before allowing access.

Who is Hormone Thrive for?

The Hormone Thrive Program is for you if you’re passionate about your health and life, aiming to take responsibility for it. You’re the right fit if you want to change the way you feel in your body by healing your hormone problems naturally through Ayurveda and building healthy sustainable habits.

Do I have to sign up on the call?

Nope. I do offer a first call incentive rate, but there’s no pressure on our side.

We understand you need to take time to make decisions.

What should I bring to the call?

Please come armed with 3 things.

1. An open mind, willingness to learn.
2. Any health related questions.
3. Means of payment. Action takers always get the best results. So if it makes sense to work together, let’s get started as soon as possible.

I can’t wait to help you wake up every day feeling energized and inspired, knowing what is best for your body.

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