With the Kapha type, the elements water and earth union. Kapha represents strength, stability and is responsible for tissue development, physical strength and the immune system. It regulates as well the body fluids like the lymphatic system. Children grow with the help of Kapha and injuries heal quickly when this dosha is balanced. It is the most relaxed of all doshas with a happy mindset that wants to enjoy life fully. It unites characteristics such as heavy, slow, and steady and on the other hand also soft, dense, tough, and cold.

Physical level

Kapha is the most stable dosha. It has very large energy reserves and extremely good stamina, also if they often not aware of that. They’re hard to get going, but when they run they run forever and with loyalty. Kaphas have a super stable immune system and rarely get seriously ill. If so, then often in the area of the lungs, bronchial tubes or sinuses. Kapha’s skin is even and beautiful, and their hair is usually strong.

With a round physique, beautiful eyes, well-shaped mouth, smooth porcelain skin and often snow-white teeth they can remember of a fat round buddha. They are very resilient, are not very hungry, but still have a tendency to overeat and enjoy food most of all doshas. Since the metabolism is stable but very slow, Kapha get easily overweight and even obese and diabetic.

Their sleep is deep and profound and if their dosha is unbalanced they tend to be excessive sleepers. Furthermore, a Kapha out of sink can manifest in cardiac diseases, fluid retention, allergies, asthma, itching over the body, vomiting, chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, sensation in lips, throat, tongue, gums, palate, nose, eyes and ears.

Mental-emotional level

Kaphas are strong, loyal, patient, steady, and supportive and great to have as friends. When Kapha is in balance, they are relaxed with others and themselves. They are the born managers with their calm and grounded presence and are known for a loyal personality. As a result, Kaphas have the least tendencies towards mental disorders or psychosomatic illnesses. However, their admirable loyalty can lead to hold on things, jobs and people that no longer nourish and serve them.

They like things to stay the way they are and feel resistance to big changes and failing important decisions. Kaphas heavy, slow nature can get stuck, stubborn and immobile. This can influence their mood and they are prone to get pensive, sluggish and depressive when they are unhappy with their life. Their pronounced long-term memory never forgets any experiences. When imbalanced, Kaphas tend to accumulate possessions and can get greedy and complacent. Then it takes them a great deal of time to get things done and they withdraw into seclusion.

Kapha needs to understand that endurance and abundance are its gifts. But it needs to learn to receive these gifts as it is not naturally doing that.A Kapha-dominated person benefits greatly from regular exercise, deep massage with warming oils and to eat less than is offered. They need regular stimulation to stay in flow and a change in profession or place of residence from time to time can be very helpful.

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