Pitta combines the elements fire and water and stands for warmth and transformation. It is responsible for all transformation processes in the body. Everything that we eat or absorb is processed and digested by Pitta. Pitta types are the metabolism and digestion pros and regulate all biochemical processes in the body. Moreover, Pitta regulates body temperature and our hormonal balance. Hunger, thirst, and even intelligence are ruled by it as well. The heat leads to a sharp mind and a high demand in their life.

Physical level

Pitta people often have well-developed muscles and are generally well proportioned physically and are of average stature. This type is often somewhere between Vata and Kapha with medium-sized eyes and a piercing glance. Usually, Pittas emit clarity and radiance and others easily feel attracted by that strength. They are very enthusiastic about sports and love challenges and competition with others. As they can be quite persistent and have a great energy potential, they love to feel themselves physically and when the sweat drips. Pitta types are fiery and driven. Their memory is precise and their speech is direct and clear. Another characteristic is that they feel very warm or too hot quickly. They have the fastest metabolism and can digest everything at high speed. Ordinarily, they eat regularly and are very hungry and thirsty and find it difficult to skip a meal without getting hangry. The gums tend to bleed easily and their teeth are more yellowish than white. Pittas are hard-working and often have a hard time relaxing. This can lead to sleep disorders and if overworking consistently they are prone to burn-out. As Pittas want to do everything perfectly, too much heat can develop in their system and cause all kinds of diseases and imbalances that end in -its like like conjunctivitis, gastritis, hepatitis, thyroiditis, amongst others. However also strokes, heart diseases, chronic hormonal diseases like Hashimoto and liver diseases can appear. Their tendency to do everything very quickly and efficiently from eating over working to talking, can create a lot of stress and pressure in their system and deplete their resources and lead to early greying and/or loss of hair, hot flushes, diarrhoea, nausea, hyperacidity, stomach and intestinal ulcers. If the heat
persists over a longer time Pittas are prone to have skin problems like acne, eczema, furuncles and abscesses. Pittas are very persistent and if they plan to do something, they will finish it whatever gets in their way. Resulting in losing joy and serenity in their life. Other hormonal imbalances are often rooted in a Pitta imbalance such as infertility and menstruation problems.

Mental-emotional level

Pittas are the planners and love to guide and manage people. Their fiery nature makes them clear communicators that quickly get to the point. Their language is unambiguous without complaining or digress. Pitta types are very sharp, have great intellects and a good memory. They like to debate and discuss.If Pitta is in equilibrium, it ensures high learning ability, perseverance and determination. When Pitta types thrive they are goal-oriented, ambitious, and passionate. They have a high level of assertiveness, which is why they often can be found in management positions. However, they also have a tendency to be bossy and to dominate others. Due to their high level of ambition, they sometimes follow their goals with dogged determination. This can result in putting themselves even more under pressure and can create an atmosphere of stress and tension around them. If this happens they lose their emotional balance and can become irritable and anxious, angry, furious, jealous or resentful. Friends, family and colleagues can tell when Pittas runs hot and needs to cool off. Pitta needs to learn to relax and enjoy life. They benefit highly from a lifestyle that is marked by regular breaks and relaxation exercises. Regular detoxes, green veggies and dishes of normal size are important for them.

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