6 Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat

6 Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat


Whether you are a beginner or already an advanced yoga practitioner, a yoga retreat is a great option to bring you to the next level. You become aware of new muscle groups and joints while exploring new areas of your body. Yoga retreats offer you an exciting way to discover new postures and teachings which widen your horizon and develops your own personal unique yoga practice.


Mind full or mindful? Our mind in everyday life is running constantly and unconsciously, making it difficult to control our thoughts. Paying attention to what you think is the first step to a more fulfilled and happier life, as you can’t have negative thoughts and lead a positive life at the same time. While on a yoga retreat you are away from your everyday life, in a favourable environment, having the possibility to slow down, to meet new people and to get the distance which is often needed to see things anew. Integrating meditations in the yoga retreat schedule supports the process.

 benefits of going on a yoga retreat


You are nature – not separate from – but an integrated part of it. We are made up of all the same elements that make up the planet. Most yoga retreats are located in secluded natural locations. The perfect way to get out of the busy and stressful life and to connect again with nature. Go for a walk, breathe fresh air, expose yourself to sun, discover new plants and trees and feel the positive energy around you. Watch the stars during the night, become fascinated by the universe and its immense dimensions which were founded millions of years ago. Be carried away by the sound of water, which soothes your soul and is the fundamental basis of all life. The calmness and peace of nature helps you to deeply relax and connect with your inner self.


Make sure that the yoga retreat you pick, offers fresh, local and healthy food. Eating foods that were naturally grown works wonders for your health and overall well-being. You can find new inspiration for trying new ways to prepare your food at home and regular eating times prevent you from snacking in between which can have amazing effects on your digestion and weight. Often we eat our food unconsciously, not even tasting it really and are driven by different emotions. Long mealtimes help you to develop a mindful eating habit which means eating with the right intention while paying attention to it.


We rarely take the time to fully rest. Constantly busy doing something, planning the next date and being one step ahead. If you take the time to listen to your body, it prevents you from getting sick, a burn-out, depression and other illnesses that result from disconnecting with yourself. Taking time out to release and renew each day is essential to living well.

6 benefits of going on a yoga retreat


Finding your own tribe, surrounding yourself by people who want to share the same passion can be a great motivator. Especially in a world which is driven by superficial relationships on social internet platform, it can be life-chaging to turn LOLs into real life laughter, seeing other peoples faces, their hand gestures, hearing the emotion in someone’s voice. Connecting with people in reality can help you to get more support in the processes you’re going through. Together we are stronger and can achieve more.


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About the author Carina Greweling

Carina is a state-approved naturopath from Germany who studied after her exam Chinese medicine, Craniosacral therapy and Bach flowers and deepened her knowledge of meditation and yoga while she was living in India. She trained in traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore, at the world famous BKS Iyengar Institute in Mumbai and also at the Yoga Institute Mumbai, the oldest Yoga school in the world. Her experience is therefore influenced by many different styles of yoga. In regular workshops and yoga retreats she proposes to gain deeper knowledge and inspiration about a healthy body and mind. She also gives online consultations.

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