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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on Jun 30, 2024

#48 AstroVeda for July: Romance, Dreams & Self-Expression

#48 AstroVeda for July: Romance, Dreams & Self-Expression with Jill Loftis

Welcome to July 2024, a month filled with significant astrological events including retrogrades, karmic relationship aspects, and a powerful meeting of Mars and Uranus. Tune in as Jill and Carina dive into the cosmic energies influencing us this month.

New Moon Challenge: Find the dates for the IG lives at the end of the show notes – We can’t wait to meet you there!

Early July:

  • Neptune Station on July 2 at 29°55′ Pisces: Explore inspiration vs. distraction under Neptune’s furthest reach in our lifetime.

July 2: Sun in Cancer Squares the Nodes at 11

  • Emotional sensitivity and reactivity might spike.
  • Mercury in Leo demands attention while opposing Pluto.
  •  Venus in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces, creating stability in water signs.
  • Ayurveda Kitchen Tip

July 5/6: New Moon in Cancer (6:57 PM EST at 14°23′)

  •  Mars in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces, enhancing goal achievement energy.
  •  Jupiter in Gemini offers social opportunities.
  •  Physical, mental, and behavioral traits of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha imbalances.
  •  Digestion characteristics for each dosha.

July 7-10

  • Jupiter in Gemini Aspects
  •  Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter and the Nodes, fostering positive relationship momentum.
  •  Romantic Ayurvedic Meal

Mid-July 12-15

  • Venus in Leo Opposite Pluto in Aquarius
  • Potential power struggles and dark energy.
  • Long Moon void from July 13 (6:49 PM EST) to July 14 (10:53 AM EST).
  • The Slow Down to Speed Up concept

July 16: Mercury Enters Retrograde Zone at 21° Leo 25′

  • The “shadow zone” + Calming Breathing Technique

July 17-21: Positive Sun and Mars Aspects

  •  Sun in Cancer moving into Leo sends positive energy to Mars.
  •  Fire signs receive a green light for action.
  • Yoga posture to creating and preserve energy

July 19-20: Mars in Taurus Aspects Pluto in Aquarius

  •  Time for practical magic and taking action.
  • Koshas (Layers of Being) meditation

July 22-25: Sun Opposite Pluto

  •  Potential power struggles with public figures.
  •  Mercury in Virgo enhances mental energy.

July 26: Another Long Moon Void (6:14 PM EST)

July 30: Saturn Retrograde

  •  Reflect, redo, and repair areas in Pisces.
  •  Ayurveda’s perspective on work-life balance.

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  • Friday, July 19th: Dosha Dining🌀Tailored Diet Tips
  • Sunday, July 21st: Release Ritual🌀Cord-Cutting Magic

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