How's your physical strength and endurance?

Describe your eyes

How do you act under potential threat?

How do you prefer working?

What kind of exercise do you enjoy?

How ́s your thirst?

What's your sleep like?

How's your appetite?

What's your body temperature like?

How do you handle difficult situations?

How are you with competitors?

What's your skin like?

How is your communication?

Describe your hands

I walk

How's your elimination?

How do you cope with projects and problems?

Describe your shoulders

How is your sense of hunger?

How good is your concentration?

What's your hair like?

How is your adaptability?

Describe your nails

My circulation is

You react

My skin colour is

How is your eating pace?

What's your personality like?

My joints are

What are your thoughts like?

How is your mental activity?

How do you handle friendships?

How do you show up in your relationship?

My voice is

How do you react when having pain?

Describe your head

You spend money

How do you cope with traumatic situations and great challenges?

How does your couple’s relationship look like?

Describe your forehead

How is your memory?

Describe your body

How is your general emotional state?

What are your eating habits?

Describe your lips

How is your learning ability?

Describe your neck

I already suffered from ...

What type of work do you thrive in?

What flavour do you prefer?

Describe your nose

My digestion is

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