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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on Jun 13, 2023

#25 Food & Mood: How A Plant-Rich Diet Affects Happiness

#25 Food & Mood: How A Plant-Rich Diet Affects Happiness – Interview with Lauren Lovatt

Lauren Lovatt is a plant-based chef, entrepreneur, and the founder of Plant Academy. She is also the creative force behind Feed Your Mind Candy, a project dedicated to delicious food that feeds your mind as well as improves your mental health. 

Tune in and discover:

◇  Lauren’s journey with food

◇  Why is a plant-rich diet so important? 

◇  What are some key elements of a healthy diet? 

◇  How true is the statement “We are what we eat”? 

◇  How can food make us happy and boost our moods? 

◇  Lauren’s cookbook Mind Food

◇  3 Tips on how we can start implementing more plant-based foods in our diet

Mind Food: Plant-based recipes for positive mental health

Learn more about Lauren’s work:
Plan Academy London
Lauren Lovatt

Lauren Lovatt
Plant Academy London

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