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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on May 21, 2024

#44 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Ani Naqvi

#44 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Ani Naqvi

In this enlightening episode, I sit down with Ani Naqvi, a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami and a former guest on Oprah’s show. Ani is a Transformation Expert and Mentor dedicated to enhancing the productivity of CEOs, Founders, and elite performers while emphasizing self-care to prevent burnout. Ani shares her journey, insights, and strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and achieving holistic well-being.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Understanding Imposter Syndrome:
    • Definition and manifestations
    • The inner critic and feelings of fraudulence
  2. Gender Differences:
    • Are women more affected than men?
    • Societal expectations and stereotypes
    • The impact of wage gaps and discrimination
  3. Signs and Symptoms:
    • Persistent self-doubt
    • Difficulty accepting praise
  4. Contributing Factors:
    • Perfectionism and high expectations
    • Societal pressure and past experiences
  5. Impact on Behavior and Performance:
    • Overworking, procrastination, and avoiding challenges
    • Seeking validation and relationship difficulties
  6. Strategies for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:
    • Stop comparing yourself to others
    • Lean into your strengths
    • Let go of perfectionism
    • Affirm your worth and celebrate achievements
    • Recognize and label your inner critic
  7. The transformative power of holistic support
  8. Misconceptions and Resources:
    • Common misconceptions about imposter syndrome
    • Resources and programs to help individuals struggling with imposter syndrome

Work and connect with Ani:


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