#10 Ayurveda for Managing High Sensitivity

#10 Ayurveda for Managing High Sensitivity

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#10 Ayurveda for Managing High Sensitivity

#10 Around 15-20% of people in our environment are highly sensitive. It basically means the particularly sensitive perception of sensory impressions and sensations. This can lead to overstimulation and overwhelm in our fast, loud, and highly outward-facing world. Ayurveda can be a valuable support for highly sensitive people in order to strengthen themselves from within and to stay in balance.

 In this interview Rose Carol shares her recommendations on this topic and why Ayurveda is wonderfully suited for highly sensitive people to accept themselves better and to get out of the possible overload.

Tune in and discover:

  • Rose story of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Ayurveda’s perspective on high sensitivity 
  • Ayurvedic Tips for Managing High “Vata” and “Pitta” Sensitivity
  • What is Abhyanga and how does that help?
  • What are Marma points and how does applying herbal creams on them help with sensitivity?
  • Why is it important to balance the Doshas to reduce overwhelm? 
  • How can someone find out if they’re highly sensitive?
  • High sensitivity via low sensitivity 

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