#11 Tantra to Cultivate Deeper Intimacy and Connections

#11 Tantra to Cultivate Deeper Intimacy and Connections

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#11 Tantra to Cultivate Deeper Intimacy and Connections

#11 Tantra!? At first glance, that sounds promising – on the one hand there is curiosity about this practice, but on the other hand tantra also has to contend with all sorts of prejudices. Sometimes tantra is dismissed as a simple erotic massage or simply related to sex.

However, there is incredible potential in the practices of tantra to build deeper intimacy and connections, says Claudia. She’s a certified sex & love coach who is passionate about reconnecting humans with their bodies and the planet. She helps people with anxiety or fear of intimacy back to their innate joy, peace, & power  through Tantra.

Tune in and discover:

  • What does tantra mean? What is the difference between classical tantra and neo-tantra?
  • How did Claudia get in touch with it? How did it change her life?
  • Who invented tantra? Please tell us a bit more about its origins.
  • How did it find its way to the West?
  • Can tantra be dangerous?
  • Can tantra be used to attract someone or something?
  • Can you tell us more about neo-tantra and sacred sexuality?
  • What is dark feminine? 
  • Book tips for exploring tantra.

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Mentioned resources:

Book: Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallace

Movie: Wild Wild Country (on Netflix)

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