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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on Apr 11, 2024

#41 Hormetic Stress: Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

#41 Hormetic Stress: Why You SHOULD Get Uncomfortable

Today, we’re delving deep into the fascinating realm of hormesis and its profound impact on our emotional, mental, and physical health.

Joining us is Claudia Huber, the founder of the Hormon Glow Academy in Germany, where she pioneers hormone health beyond conventional approaches by combining ancient sciences with quantum circadian biology methods.Tune in as we explore:

  • The concept of hormesis
  • How hormetic stress can be leveraged to enhance fitness and mental well-being
  • Determining the correct doses and durations of hormetic stressors
  • Potential risks or drawbacks associated with using hormetic stress 
  • How hormetic stress intersects with resilience and adaptability
  • Can it assist in reversing aging effects and promoting longevity?
  • Effective implementation of hormetic stressors
  • Empowering mindset shift for women to make healthier choices for their well-being

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