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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on Feb 8, 2024

#35 The Gut-Hormone Connection: Why Your Microbiome Matters

The Gut-Hormone Connection: Why Your Gut Microbiome Matters

Are you experiencing PMS, estrogen dominance, weight gain, thyroid issues, depression, exhaustion, or insomnia? If so, it’s time to prioritize your gut health. Your gut plays a pivotal role in regulating hormones, and addressing it can be a crucial step in achieving hormonal balance.

Hormonal issues and gut problems often go hand in hand, creating a complex interplay. It’s a bit like the classic chicken-and-egg scenario – it’s challenging to determine which came first. On one hand, an imbalanced microbiome can disrupt your hormone equilibrium. Conversely, hormonal imbalances can contribute to digestive issues. Regardless of the origin, when striving to conquer a hormonal imbalance, regardless of its manifestations, your overall health takes precedence.

Tune in and discover:

  • The Gut-Hormone Connection
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome and it’s Impact on Hormonal Imbalance
  • Estrogen Metabolism and Gut Flora
  • Thyroid Health and Gut Connection
  • Mood, Appetite and Gut Health
  • Factors Affecting Gut Health

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