#27 The Liver’s Crucial Role in Health, Hormones, and Happiness

#27 The Liver’s Crucial Role in Health, Hormones, and Happiness

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#27 The Liver’s Crucial Role in Health, Hormones, and Happiness

#27 The Liver’s Crucial Role in Health, Hormones, and Happiness

In order to understand the connection between the liver and hormonal imbalances, we must first realise that the liver is our most important detoxification organ. It ensures that toxic substances are rendered harmless and converted in such a way that they can be discharged via the stools and the urine.

If the liver is healthy, it can easily get rid of these substances.

However, if it is overloaded, it cannot adequately break down used hormones. And at the same time she cannot take care of the production of new hormones, for which she is also responsible.

In this podcast episode you will learn how you can tell that your liver is overloaded and what hormonal disorders and symptoms are associated with it.

Many women are not even aware that their liver is overloaded. And that’s no wonder, because the liver has no nerve cells. That’s why we don’t notice when she’s not feeling well or signs of liver problems don’t appear until much later. And as already mentioned, hormonal problems can also indicate a weakened liver, such as: cycle problems; severe menopausal symptoms; PMS; irritability; depressive moods; mood swings; weight gain and water retention; cysts and fibroids; breast tenderness or problems and pain around ovulation.

The good news: The liver has the ability to repair itself if we provide the right conditions. And that’s why I developed my Ayurveda Hormone Detox program.

A program designed to release deep stored toxins for more energy, balanced hormones, strong digestion and deep sleep. We help you to shape up your body and feel strong and self-confident.

The program is perfect for you if you suffer from hormonal imbalances like

  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Estrogen dominance or
  • High androgen or testosterone levels
  • If you want to stop taking the pill without side effects
  • If you feel that you lack energy you are constantly tired
  • Headaches, low libido and weight gain
  • Hot flashes and insomnia

An online course with self-study, weekly live sessions and  24/7 support forum. I would be very happy if I could also help YOU with the Ayurveda Hormone Detox to recapture your energy, your lightness and your hormone balance.

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You can find more information and registration for the program here:

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#22 Endocrine Disruptors Throw Off Hormone Balance

#22 Endocrine Disruptors Throw Off Hormone Balance

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#22 Endocrine Disruptors Throw Off Hormone Balance

#22 Endocrine Disruptors: How Environmental Toxins Throw Off Your Hormone Balance

Most people don’t realise that many of the products we use every day contain a a huge amount of chemicals that have a negative impact on our endocrine system. We use them and usually no longer even think about whether they have an impact on our health and hormone system.

Things like cosmetic products such as powder, mascara, lipstick or nail polish, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, body lotion, peeling, detergents and cleaning products, food packaging, clothing and textiles, convential foods, coatings for cookware and many more. Many of these everyday products and foods contain chemicals that disrupt our hormonal balance. Such substances are called endocrine disruptors.

Tune in and discover:

  • What are endocrine disruptors?
  • Two scenarios how endocrine disruptors disrupt hormone balance
  • What products contain endocrine-active substances?
  • How to reduce the pollutant load

Discover more about Carina’s work here:

HORMONE THRIVE – A group program for women who want to heal their hormones naturally

#18  5 Tips to Strengthen your Thyroid

#18 5 Tips to Strengthen your Thyroid

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#18 5 Tips to Strengthen your Thyroid

#18  5 Tips to Strengthen your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is simply indispensable and vital. Every cell in your body has thyroid hormone receptors. Our mental health, our metabolism, our menstrual cycle, our fertility, digestion, mood and performance, as well as beautiful skin, hair and nails all depend on a well-functioning thyroid gland. That is why it is so worthwhile to strengthen the thyroid gland. 

There are different diseases of the thyroid gland such as goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism or autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland such as Hashimoto thyroiditis or Graves’ disease. 

Conventional medicine usually treats them exclusively with synthetic thyroid hormones, such as L-thyroxine. These drugs can indeed balance thyroid hormone levels. But the problem is that this kind of treatment has its limits and many patients are still not symptom-free. But the doctor can’t help them further because the thyroid levels seem okay according to blood work.

Regardless of whether you are taking thyroid medication or not. If you notice signs of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism it’s important that you support your thyroid. That’s why, in this episode, I show you five ways to boost your thyroid naturally.

Medication alone won’t get us very far because it doesn’t address the root cause of why the thyroid isn’t functioning as it should. We need to ask ourselves what factors have caused the thyroid to not function optimally. In my experience, there are five main factors that affect the thyroid. And those are the factors we should work on if we want to strengthen our thyroid.

In this podcast episode, I would like to share with you five tips to naturally support your thyroid so that you can hopefully feel better very soon.

Tune in and discover:

  • Improve digestion
  • Nutrition and superfoods for the thyroid gland
  • Toxins that threaten thyroid health and detoxification
  • Balance of sex hormone
  • Stress management and relaxation

For each of these areas, you’ll get easy-to-implement tips that you can immediately incorporate into your daily routine.

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