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THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on May 10, 2024

Spiritual Divorce – Transformative Healing with Joyce Haddad

#43 Spiritual Divorce® – Interview with Joyce Haddad

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joyce Haddad, the brilliant mind behind Spiritual Divorce. Joyce is a transformative healer who guides individuals through profound healing experiences, empowering them to overcome traumas and rediscover their true selves. 

In our interview, we delved into various aspects of healing and personal growth, touching on:

  • Joyce’s personal journey into healing and her background
  • Exploring the concept of Spiritual Divorce and its role in overcoming traumas
  • The process of rewiring and balancing the energy system to aid self-discovery
  • Addressing misconceptions about healing and alternative modalities
  • Approaching skeptics and hesitant clients with compassion and understanding
  • Understanding the role of brain waves in achieving altered states of consciousness
  • Practical steps for beginning the Spiritual Divorce Method and available resources
  • The transformative power of Spiritual Divorce and its potential to change lives
  • A message of hope and encouragement for those feeling stuck or overwhelmed

Work with Joyce

Joyce’s Instagram




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