#13 Womb Healing – Interview with Claudia Aurora

#13 Womb Healing – Interview with Claudia Aurora

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#13 Womb Healing – Interview with Claudia Aurora

#13 Womb Healing is less of a method than a very personal, spiritual path for women who want to get in touch with their innermost feminine power.

By strengthening the feminine side, which we often lose in our male dominated society, an inner balance should be established that enables us women to live our feminine side consciously and calmly.

The uterus is intimately linked to the menstrual cycle and the development of life.

Moreover, it is not only a reproductive organ, but it is like a sponge that constantly absorbs our experiences and emotional states.

Tune into the interview with Womb Healing expert Claudia Aurora and discover:

  • What does womb symbolise?

  • What chakra is associated with the womb?

  • What’s womb healing? What practices and exercises does it imply?

  • Why is it so important to heal the womb?

  • What can the healing process look like?

  • What are the signs of womb healing?

  • How can womb healing help improve our sexuality, fertility and creativity?

  • Can I also heal my womb when I don’t have a uterus anymore?

  • Upcoming womb healing ceremony. 

  • One simple technique women can do to start their womb healing process.

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