#42 AstroVeda for May: Growth, Goals & Grounding

#42 AstroVeda for May: Growth, Goals & Grounding

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#42 AstroVeda for May: Growth, Goals & Grounding

#42 AstroVeda for May: Growth, Goals & Grounding with Jill Loftis

Now that eclipse season and Mercury retrograde are behind us, May heralds a welcome grounding energy. This month promises to be more easeful, with numerous positive aspects aiding our absorption and understanding of April’s changes and surprises.

Jill will delve into celestial events in May, focusing on themes like money, security, love, beauty, and material possessions, all of which will remain in the spotlight throughout the month. Carina, on the other hand, will offer valuable tips on embracing routines, setting mindful intentions, and prioritizing self-care. These strategies will help us navigate the celestial energies with grace and resilience.

Tune in as Jill and I discuss:

  1. Venus-Pluto Clash and Pluto Retrograde (May 2):
    • Observe symbolic events; find comfort in routine amidst chaos.
  2. Mercury-Chiron Conjunction (May 5-8):
    • Address mental agitation and anger; manage anger-triggering habits and foods.
  3. New Moon in Taurus (May 7):
    • Harness Taurus energy for setting intentions, especially regarding food and sensory enjoyment.
  4. Planetary Gathering in Taurus (May 8-24):
    • Slow down, connect with nature, and indulge in sensual self-care rituals.
  5. Sun-Uranus Alignment (May 13):
    • Manage erratic energy and nervous system issues; prioritize sleep and relaxation.
  6. Mercury Entering Taurus (May 15):
    • Grounding practices; beware of overeating due to planetary influences.
  7. North Node and Mars in Aries; Sun Entering Gemini (May 19-20):
    • Prepare for heightened mental activity and alignment with Pluto in Aquarius.
  8. Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 23):
    • Finding balance and harmony during the Full Moon.
    • Understanding and reacting to bodily signals.
  9. Venus and Jupiter in Gemini (May 24-25):
    • Significance of the 12-year cycle with Venus and Jupiter’s movement.
    • Discussion on feeling overwhelmed.
  10. Eris, Chiron and Mars together in Aries; Mercury and Uranus together in Taurus; the Sun and Venus together in Gemini. (May 29-30-31)     
    • Can feel that sense of overwhelm returning. Tools to feel grounded and centred.

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#30 January AstroVeda: Ayurvedic Wisdom & Astrological Guidance

#30 January AstroVeda: Ayurvedic Wisdom & Astrological Guidance

naturopath paris carina greweling
THRIVE Podcast by : Carina Greweling on

#30 January AstroVeda: Ayurvedic Wisdom & Astrological Guidance

#30 January AstroVeda: Ayurvedic Wisdom & Astro Guidance with Lauren & Carina

Lauren and Carina kick off the first episode of AstroVeda, promising monthly astrological guidance infused with Ayurvedic wisdom.

In this episode, Lauren enlightens us about the current Capricorn season, emphasising the importance of grounding ourselves for a balanced start to the year. We explore the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th, a perfect time to set intentions for the next six months. Carina shares her appreciation for Capricorn’s energy and how she aligns her practices with Ayurveda during this season. Lauren then prepares us for the upcoming Aquarius season, heralding a time of rebellion and innovation.

Shifting gears, Carina introduces Ayurvedic nutrition tips for January, highlighting the need to balance Kapha and Vata doshas as we transition into winter. The discussion touches on sleep habits and self-care routines, emphasizing the significance of getting enough sleep and maintaining circadian alignment for hormonal balance.

As we anticipate the full moon in Leo on January 25th, Lauren shares insights into embracing creativity, self-confidence, and authentic expression. Carina talks about rituals around self-love and letting go of egoic pridefulness to harness the lunar energy.

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